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Mar 18

A little about myself


Edited: Mar 18

My name is Jeremy. I have been in the hobby since I won my first gold fish at the local fair. Since then I have owned my fair share of aquariums, Vivariums and Terrariums. Being able to create an environment to house a specific animal outside of its natural habitat has always intrigued me.


One of my favorite ways to decorate a tank is to plant it. Live plants have played a big role in the hobby experience. Plants in general have played a big role in my life. Outside of the aquarium hobby, I have a half dozen bonsai and grow some of the world's hottest peppers. I have also kept tropical plants for propagation to fill my future vivariums and terrariums by way of T5 lights and clear plastic storage containers.


I have kept many different types of fish. Bettas is probably one of my favorites. I am also a fan of live breeders, mainly guppies/endlers. I have successfully bred some egg layers. In the future, I hope to gain a better understanding of egg layers; to be able to take on harder to keep fish. Fingers crossed.


Find me at our local meeting and events. Let's talk fish and build this club together. The future is ours 😁



New Posts
  • Hey everyone, my name is Anthony. I am a freshwater aquarium hobbyist here in the Albuquerque area and I just stumbled across this community. I am happy to see something like this close to home. I'm looking forward to getting involved in something like this. Cheers.
  • Hello Everyone, We are new to owning fish and just put together a new 5 gallon tank with a beautiful Half Moon Cellophane Betta fish. My son's first Fish! And a Fish I am very new to owning. I have only cared for Catfish in the past and thought that I would seek out some fish keeping groups in the ABQ area for him and me to learn more about our new Betta. I will post a few pictures in the next few days of Whitestrike and his tank so that we can get some pointers from more seasoned fish keepers. Thank you, Jody and Marcus
  • I have been in the since I was 6 years old. I have had all manner of fish both salt and freshwater. I have never really been very good remembering the scientific names of any fish or plant but OK at common names. Jealousy has been a trademark of mine for anyone who can remember scientific names. Over the years I have become a DIY guy as is comes to the hobby. My focus is on filtration, developing my own take on every of filter know in the hobby. It is my belief that carbon should be used very sparingly or not at all. I know for a fact that filter carbon does not occur in nature. Furthermore, canister and hang on the back filter manufactures set up their filters to sale you more replacement product than you ever really need. I use very uncommon products for filter media in the past I used curlers packed with drinking straws to filter the water for two very dirty Oscars. Fifteen years ago I moved to Ohio and found a so many large fish stores that we here in New Mexico can only dream of. I could never decide what kind of fish to keep so had made a fishroom. I have had everything flowerhorns to shrimp and everything in between. I soon joined the Greater Cincinnati Fish Society and became part of a larger fish geek club then I ever new excited. It was a great opportunity to trade fish with other breeders and to lean and about fish I have had not kept. But as all things do my time in Ohio came to and end, we had to move back to Albuquerque because a family illness. To my dismay when returning to ABQ I found that the aquarium hobby had fallen of to obscurity. When I had left the aquarium was very robust and had many non-chain-store pet stores. The pet stores that were still here had a very small fish selection or only had the bread and butter fish on the freshwater side. The saltwater side of the hobby did however, have two very nice store but only two. So I then turned to Facebook to see if I could find some answers, I joined the the Albuquerque Aquarium Club. Talking with administration I found some answers but it came down to market share. So we started talking and as a group thought it best to start an aquarium society. Our society wants to grow the hobby so we can educate, to become conservators of endangered fish and to create a community of like minded people. The founding members will answer any question and support you with any problems you might have. We have gained national sponsor and so local companies as well. We want everyone to fall in love with hobby, or fall back in love, as much as we do.